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Record Prices Achieved At Glass Sale By Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two items made at the Imperial Glass Company of Ohio also realized high prices. A freehand line iridescent colorless compote with opal hanging 

hearts and cobalt blue rim and tall stem, previously unlisted in the literature on the factory, sold for a record price of $3,738, the second-highest price 

of the auction. Executed circa 1925 and standing nearly 10 inches high, the compote went for almost four times the estimated selling price, because it 

was a terrific example, never before illustrated and in wonderful condition. A freehand 8-inch-tall vase from the same factory and period with unusual 

low handles, known as shape FH10, sold for $2,300, also way over estimate. The deep marigold and applied blue green vase was unusual and very 

attractive to many collectors.


 Photos: Photographer:William H McGuffin


Examples of Imperial, Quezal and Durand having similar designs show up from time to time. The wonderful book "Glass Threads"  by Gay LeCleire Taylor, Curator of the Museum of American Glass discusses the "threads" or links between these three companies relating to ownership and management, glass workers and the resulting similarites of product design.


   The following copy of a page from that highly recommended publication shows similar
 examples from all three companies:


Here then is a very beautiful example from the 

collection of my friend, Frank W. Ford.  This 

exceptional vase is 12 inches tall and was made by

 .  .  .  QUEZAL.



Neil & "Eddie"


 Compote & Footed Vase

"Onion Skin" Bodies


Red Rims & Red Stem Wafers

(Stretch Effect Near Rims)


The vase is shaped similar to FH 214 & the comport was only known example in this decor but . . . a second example has now surfaced.







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