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I want to acknowledge here the many contributions of Wayne and Pamela Balash. Since this website was established in August 2009, they have become my partners in this effort. Their advice, enthusiasm and many hours spent providing photos from their extensive collection have had a significant positive impact on the development of this site. On behalf of all Imperial Free Hand collectors everywhere . . . thank you.

On August 16th, 2009 a FH135 basket sold for $1,100 on eBay. There were seven bidders. My experience and research tell me baskets are very rare. I have only seen three baskets in 40 years of collecting. Additionally the saleman's catalogs picture only 10 baskets among the 271 different shape/decoration combinations available for purchase. If actual production matched choice available, only about 4% of the Free Hand made were baskets. Given the inherent fragility of the handles, servivability is likely much less than 4%.



 The owner of the piece below, a major collector of art glass including both Imperial & Fenton,
 called me to say that this piece is Fenton.


This is 5 inches tall with blue decor and blue applied rim.  Shaped like FH300 or FH301.  On green glass, iridized. 







Neil & "Eddie"



"Onion Skin" Bodies


Red Rims & Red Stem Wafers

(Stretch Effect Near Rims)


 Vase with Shape Similar to FH 214


Was Only Known Comport Example

(see further comments below)


















A second example has surfaced. Its owner is unsure it is FH. The stem/connecting wafer & the uneven thickness of the applied red rim give him concern. I am unsure at this point.















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