Wheel Cut

Factory records indicate only these two colors (orange & gray) were used for the wheel 

cut pieces. Seven Lead Lustre shapes were used: 415, 418, 419, 618, 619, 622 & 655. 

Shown is shape 418.


There are three cut designs: 93,

 94 & 95.   Cut 94 is shown on

 these two examples.


Lead Lustre 417/20

Wheel Cut #94

8" Tall

These wheel cut LL pieces 

are fairly scarce, e.g. I have 

only seen two offered on 

eBay the past year.


 Cut 94 Close-Up Detail


                         With rare exception, wheel cut designs
found on orange and gray monochromatic 
Lead Lustre pieces. Wheel Cut designs are 

also found on Free Hand "Cut Crystal" 
pieces also.



Lead Lustre 623 - 20

Wheel Cut #93

9.75" Tall

               Cut 93

 Cut 95

Lead Lustre Lamp Base

Shape 415 - Color 31 - Cut 95




This is probably a "one-of-a-kind" example.

It is on a Decor #60 mulberry colored 418 vase

with an unknown and extremely finely cut 


If cut at the Imperial factory, this fine piece was 

probably the work of Telesphore Naome,who 

previously worked at Val St. Lambert in Belgium

& came to Imperial in 1925.



Photo Courtesy of James D. Julia Inc.

Lead Lustre

418 - 20

Wheel Cut 94 

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