Cased with Cut Top















Cased with Cut Top Lead Lustre
"Cased Lead Lustre" pieces were made in a mold. They do not have documented Lead Lustre shapes or colors but do have Lead Lustre & Free Hand decors, e.g. Leaf & Vine and Festoons/Drag Loops. The most frequently found shape for these pieces is "Shape 771", documented in Imperial's Lustre Iridescent Ware line. All the Cased Lead Lustre pieces consist of two layers of glass, have flat bottoms and no pontil marks. Shape 771 examples are about 6.5 inches tall. Here are some shape 771 examples:




FYI: The Lustre Iridescent Ware line is bright, iridescent transparent glass
, often hand cut or wheel engraved 
in a variety of floral and stylized designs. The old Imperial catalogs named the colors available as Nuruby (marigold), Sapphire (smoke), Peacock (clambroth) and Purple Glaze. Nine different shapes 
were made. 
These vases were made in the 1920's and, when present, the designs were the work of Telesphore Naome, who came to 
Imperial in 1925 from the glasshouse of Val St. Lambert in Belgium.

Here are four 
Lustre Iridescent Ware examples:





Cased Lead Lustre Vase

Olive Green Adventurine

Leaf & Vine Decor

Opal Base Glass

Pale Yellow Interior

Flat Bottom - No Pontil

6.25" H

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Like Lead Lustre Shape# 412    but  taller,  12" H vs. 10 " H for the LL 412

- Cased glass pieces

-  Flat bottoms,  no pontil marks

- Yellow/green & mulberry  
   interiors found, both shown here

Blue interior layer here





      Cased glass pieces -  
      flat bottom, no pontil mark.
      Mulberry interior and Leaf & Vine decor.



Cased Lead Lustres
(Flat bottom/no pontil; Both blue& purple interiors reported)
Undocumented LL shape, decor & interior
6 inches H

 Cased Lead Lustre

(Flat bottom/no pontil;  blue interior )
Undocumented LL shape, decor & interior
7.25 inches H



Lead Lustre Vase

No Known Shape or Décor Numbers

Cased Glass with Cut Top

Flat Bottom/No Pontil

Blue Base Glass - Opal Outer Layer

Blue Leaf & Vine Décor

Light Gold Overspray with

 Purplish Iridescence

7.5” Tall

Photos Courtesy James Spangler








Uncommon & Attractive Palette

The interior is yellow green. The exterior is olive green.The Leaf & Vine Décor is very light yellow green.There is an overall finishing spray of multi-colored/rainbow iridescence.

Lead Lustre Vase

No Known Shape or Décor Numbers

Cased with Cut Top

Flat Bottom/No Pontil 

Similar form to the 771 Shape examples

but taller at 8”



Collection of  Jeff Easton 





Lead Lustre Vase

Cased, Cut Top Example

King Tut Decor

in Olive Green Adventurine

with an Orange Lustre Finish

Pale Yellow Green Interior Glass

Opal Outer Layer

Flat Bottom - No Pontil

6.25" Tall

Author's Collection



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