VI. Lead Lustre Shapes

There are 17 documented shapes (14 vases, 2 bowls
and a  candlestick). The bowls were sold with a pair of candlesticks to form a console set. All dimensions are approximate and can vary vase to vase /with documented Imperial production specifications. NOTE: There are in fact more than 17 Lead Lustre  shapes. Also please note that some Free Hand examples have shapes that are very similar to or exactly match Lead Lustre shapes, e.g.:

Free Hand 

 Lead Lustre

 Lead Lustre 

Free Hand  

Lead Lustre 

 Lead Lustre 

Lead Lustre Shapes (shape heights can vary slightly):          
                                                         Shape 618 Vase = 6.50 inches tall
                                                         Shape 655 Vase = 6.75 inches tall 
                                                         Shape 417 Vase = 8.00 inches tall
Shape 3761 Vase = 6.75 inches tall                   
                                 Shape 622 Vase = 8.5 inches tall
                                 Shape 412 Vase = 10 inches tall           
Shape 643 Vase = 9 inches tall
                           Shape 619 Vase = 8.75 inches tall                             

               Shape 623 Vase = 9.75 inches tall 



 Shape 413 Vase = 10.5 inches tall
                                                                 Shape 415 Vase = 10 inches tall



  Shape 319 Candlestick = 9 inches tall                                                Shape 418 Vase = 11 inches tall

Shape 3191 Vase = 10 inches tall
                             Shape 419 Vase = 11.25 inches tall
INFORMATION: Imperial catalogs indicate that there were two different Lead Lustre console sets made, specifically there were two different bowl shapes, each with what appear to be the same shaped candlesticks. Each of these sets came in three colors, i.e. there were six different colors in total.
Only a handful of the bowls have turned up to date. They are all shape 3762 and only two of the three colors associated with this shape have thus far been identified:










The second Lead Lustre bowl shape, shape 376, is shown in Doug Archer's book Imperial Glass. No examples have been positively identified yet. This is the drawing shown in Archer's book:
Below is a bowl that roughly resembles the LL 376 but the bottom has a totally different mold structure from the LL 3762 shape and no matching candlesticks have been found. THEREFORE THIS MAY WELL NOT BE AN EXAMPLE OF THE LL 376. If matching candlesticks and another color bowl like the one below is found, then the issue will be resolved.



To date candlestick examples in three colors have been found: 
These candlesticks have been found with both "solid" and "crizzled stretch" tops:





                NOTE: The  candlestick on the left

has different color/finish than those

normally associated with

Lead Lustre decors.