VI. Lead Lustre Shapes

There are 17 documented shapes: 14 vases, 2 bowls and a candlestick. The bowls were sold with a pair of the candlesticks to form a console set. There are in fact more than 17 Lead Lustre shapes (discussed below).

All dimensions are approximate and can vary slightly from documented Imperial production specifications and from example to example:

   Shape 618 - 6.50" H

 Shape 655 - 6.75" H

Shape  3761 - 6.75" H

    Shape 417 - 8.00" H
 Shape 622 - 8.50" H

Shape 619 - 8.75" H

   Shape 319 - 9.00" H

 Shape 643 - 9.00" H
 Shape 623 - 9.75" H
   Shape 3191 - 10.00" H

 Shape 412 - 10" H

 Shape 415 - 10" H

   Shape 413 - 10.50" H

 Shape 418 - 11.00" H
 Shape 419 - 11.25" H

 Shape 3762 -  4.5" H x 11.00" D

 Shape 376 - 4.4" H x 8.6" D


Decor #10: Brilliant blue glaze, inside & outside, on blue glass, with an all-over green/gold/purple sheen. 

Complete grouping of all documented shapes except for shapes 376 & 3761.









Console Sets




Imperial catalogs indicate that there were six different Lead Lustre console sets made. Two different bowl shapes were used - shapes 376 & 3762 (shown above). All the candlesticks are the same shape (shape 319 above). Each of these sets came in three colors, i.e. there were six different colored sets in total.
Only a handful of the bowls have turned up to date. They are all shape 3762 and only two of the three colors associated with this shape have thus far been identified:









The second Lead Lustre bowl shape, shape 376, is shown in Doug Archer's book Imperial Glass. No examples have been positively identified yet. This is the drawing shown in Archer's book:
Below is a bowl that roughly resembles the LL 376 but the bottom has a totally different mold structure from the LL 3762 shape. THIS IS NOT AN EXAMPLE OF THE LL 376. 



Lead Lustre candlesticks have been found with both "solid" and "crizzled stretch" tops. I believe there are three 

solid, non- 
stretch decors, each associated with 
bowl shape 376. The remaining three 
candlesticks are 

likely stretch/crizzled
lip variations associated with bowl shape 3762. Here are the decors seen to date.

NOTE 1: Look carefully at the "melted wax catcher" rim on the left-most example (d
ecor #10: brilliant 

blue glaze)
 immediately below. It appears
to have a much smaller diameter than the other four confirmed 

candlesticks pictued. It may not be a 

NOTE 2: The right-most candlestick is dark green with tiny mica particles and an orange interior.

                             Mirror Finish
Matte Finish





             Some Undocumented Lead Lustre

                  Shapes and /or Decors

Lead Lustre  pieces have been found not only with 

undocumented shapes but also with undocumented decors 

and with both undocumented shapes and decors.


Undocumented Shape

12.25 inches H

(LL Decor/Color #44) 


Undocumented Shape

11.90 inches H

(LL Decor/Color #22) 

       Undocumented Decor

             LL 655 Shape 

             Black Exterior

Undocumented Decor

   Decorated Shape 622 

           (8 inches tall) 



Decor & Shape

See the Cased LL section.

 While the Lily Pad

 & Vine decor is found on

 Free Hand examples, it is

 not a documented Lead

 Lustre decor.

LL 618 - 12  Vase with

yellow - green iridescent overspray

as on LL decor 14


Also please note that some Free Hand examples have 

shapes very similar to or exactly match Lead Lustre 

shapes, e.g.:


   Free Hand 

  Lead Lustre 

Free Hand  

Lead Lustre 



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