V. Lead Lustre Decorations & Colors

Records documenting 23 Lead Lustre decorations/colors (by number 
and description) have been found, but there are in fact more than
twenty-fourThey can be divided into ten categories or motifs: 
Leaf & Vine, Festoons, Marbleized, Monochromatic, Wheel Cut,

Crizzled Throat, Abstract, Cased with Cut Top, Spider Webbing & 

Miscellaneous Other. 

Some of these categories are undocumented. 


Leaf & Vine:

There are three documented Leaf & Vine decors, one of which has two color variations.

Decor #29: Blue with opal Leaf & Vine, opal edge, not iridescent, 
orange interior



Decor #25: Opal 
with green Leaf & Vine, satin finish,
orange interior.

Forest Green

Decor #25: Opal 
with green Leaf & Vine, satin finish,
orange interior.

Yellow Green

Decor #6:  Dark green with opal Leaf & Vine, 
satin finish,
orange interior.
There is another (undocumented) Lead Lustre Leaf & Vine
decor, example pictured left, that has heavy orange
iridescence over blue leaves & vines on opal base glass.

The undocumented Cased with Cut Top Lead Lustre category
(discussed below) primarily uses the Festoons & the
Leaf & Vine decors. The example on the left is a
cased example. It is opal glass, pale green
iridescence, with a burgundy inner lining and 
burgundy decoration. Leaf & Vine cased examples
in other color combinations have been found - but none
using any of the five just discussed color combinations.




Decor #12: Blue with four opal festoons,

satin finish, blue base glass

Decor #36: Canary yellow with

  opal festoons, bright orange iridescent 

interior, opal base glass      


Decor #22: Orange with blue festoons,

         bright orange interior, opal base glass          


The wide & narrow "festoons" are intentional. These variations are found throughout the Lead Lustre line, 
not just on these two shapes.



Decor #11: Blue with opal swirled effect, 

green satin interior, satin lustre all over


Decor #14: Blue with opal swirled effect,

green satin interior, coated with green 



Decor #21Blue with opal swirled effect,

bright orange interior, not iridized





Fifteen Lead Lustre decors have been documented as having "monochromatic" exteriors.  These photos depict the eight
exterior colors. Different interior/throat colors
and monochromatic pieces that have wheel
cut decorations account for the remaining
seven variations.

The eight exterior colors are dark green, canary

yellow, orange, brilliant blue glaze, blue, gray, 

opal with yellow-green iridescence and mulberry.


 Decor #5:  Dark green,

with orange interior

Decor #51: Dark green, 

with yellow- green

iridescent interior.

No Photo Available

Possibly what this 

decor might look like.


Decor #20: Orange, inside

& outside

 #35: Canary

yellow, with bright 

orange interior

Decor #38: Canary

yellow, with orange satin

iridescent interior

Decor #37: Opal with satin

orange iridescent exterior,
with canary satin interior 


Decor #10: Brilliant blue 

glaze, inside & outside. 

(on blue glass, with an all
 over green / gold / purple sheen)


Decor #30: Blue, with

bright orange interior 


Decor #32: Blue, with

 satin orange interior

 Decor #31: Gray

iridescent, with orange


Note the color variations on these two examples


           Decor #40: Opal with 
          yellow-green iridescence 
         & orange interior


 #44: Opal with

 yellow-green iridescence 

& gray interior


 Decor #60: Mulberry, with bright orange interior

 Decor #61: Mulberry, 
with orange satin interior



Wheel Cut: 


Factory records indicate 

only two colors (orange & 

gray) were used for wheel 

cut pieces.

Seven Lead Lustre

shapes were used: 415,

418, 419, 618, 619, 622 

& 655.

There are three 

documented cut


Crizzled Throat:


Dark green exterior, with a stretched & turned down orange crizzled lip being the prominent feature.

Lead Lustre because of the 

"lead glass" composition and

similarities to documented 

Lead Lustre  shapes.


This decor is one that is

found on both Free Hand


Lead Lustre. 

Lead Lustre versions are

not common, Free Hand

examples are 
very rare.
Cased with Cut Top:


Cased glass pieces

Flat bottoms, no pontil marks

Not found on documented Lead 

Lustre shapes

Documented Free Hand & 

Lead Lustre decorations used.

Imperial shape 771 frequently 

used. Shape 771 originally used

on Lustre Iridescent Ware. This

a shape 771 example.

Spider Webbing:


Random and/or some 
interesecting threads.

Used on Free Hand also.
Misc. Other:


This example has a documented

Lead Lustre shape 622 but both 

the white exterior & the 
decoration are undocumented.

This may be a one-of-a-kind vase.



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