Merwede company -one of the oldest in the Netherlands. Its history goes back more than two hundred years. It mainly specializes in manufacturing equipment for shipbuilding and ship-building. As a shipping company MERWEDE known in Russia for more than a century. It is long and firmly established itself as a company with a rich tradition of industrial production and scientific research experience of the latest technologies. Its expertise in the production of metal structures and parts of equipment and ships company in the twentieth century has decided to use in other industries. As one of the activities of the company has been selected the production of parts for the automotive industry. 

 Turnover of the company grew throughout the 2008 growing steadily, and the company thought about increasing production capacities. Were opened plants and service centers in China.

 The main activity in the automotive industry - the production
suspension springs. The range of a very wide range of springs in the amount of several thousand. MERWEDE produces a wide variety of springs that are used in almost all models of cars.

 MERWEDE springs belong to a class of genuine parts and are characterized by high strength, resistance to temperature extremes and aggressive environment, reliability and durability. This is largely due to the quality of the metal, used cutting-edge production technology and strict monitoring and verification of the final product.

 Suspension springs for cars MERWEDE have exceptional stability, power and geometric characteristics. To produce them using high quality special steel grade. Technology coiling springs necessarily controlled at the end of the operation. The springs apply a special shock-resistant coating, which has anti-corrosive properties. 

 Technology for hardening spring ensures their high durability, resistance to impact and durability. All products are tested in the stands at the end of the production cycle. The springs are marked according to belonging to a particular class.

 MERWEDE products have quality certificates that meet modern standards of ISO and recognized automotive manufacturers in the world.