MAFF SpA company was founded in southern Italy in 1951. Today it consists of two plants located in Europe, its own research center and laboratory, monitoring the quality of products.Initially the company focused on the domestic market, and within a short time MAFF entered the European and then the global market auto parts. The company mainly produces shoes for drum and disc brakes, and achieved in the area of ​​the present perfect - not by accident the company first received the certificate of compliance with the standard ECE R-90 and has been approved by the European Economic Commission.

 Production company founded on the principle of full cycle: the whole process includes all operations to produce a mixture of shapes and casting further packaging of finished products.Parts are produced for the market aftermarket, but the strict quality control and advanced production technology resulted in product quality at the level of original spare parts.

 Permanent road tests and tests for specialized booths held company, shows that the deviation from established parameters for the original parts do not exceed a few percent, which is not considered a fundamental difference

 For some parts MAF same parameters surpass the original. This is the case for parameters such as braking at different speeds, emergency braking, braking load, braking with a constant effort from 65 km / h and with 135 km / h up to a full stop. MAFF pads perfectly restored after overheating, withstand temperature extremes, low in noise, not deformed, reliable and durable.In stocks are three types of high quality friction materials WA161, WA363 and WA522, selected depending on the type of vehicle. Their main advantage - in the absence of asbestos and low tin, antimony and lead. This further positive impact on specifications pads, and provides consistently high results braking. MAFF pads provide smooth braking, with no extraneous noise and squeak. Besides MAFF pads wear much slower than similar products of competitors. Listed on the packaging material composition and recommend appropriate types of vehicles.

 MAFF pads are highly recommended for those who drive in ramp mode: they are ideal for use in urban modes of megacities. Prices for the products MAFF lower than original parts, which makes them even more attractive to consumers.

 MAFF pads are suitable for most European, Japanese and American cars.