Mapleton Life Science Courses

Environmental Science Field Trip to Stone Laboratory at Put-in-Bay, 2015


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Welcome to my homepage.  At the tabs under the heading you will find almost anything you need to stay caught up on class events, assignments, and study materials.  Please contact me with any concerns or other needs you may have.  I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Mapleton High School (2002) and of Ashland University.  I rejoined Mapleton as a teacher in 2013 after spending seven years in the Wild West of Idaho teaching in Nampa at Skyview High School.  I am happy to be back home where my kids can grow up in the same way that I was fortunate enough to.  I am looking forward to the success that we will have together here in Mountie Country.  

"Life is a lot like riding a bicycle, in order to stay upright, you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein