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iMedPub publishes reviews, online books and websites about medicine. Visitors come to our sites in search of specific information on definite themes. Some of our content is aimed at health professionals, while some has been created with patients and their families in mind. The specific nature of our visitors makes our sites the ideal place to promote specific products related to medicine and health.

Our sales team is always available to provide information to companies and businesses interested in working with us and sharing information on the sites of most relevance to their products. 

It is impossible to talk about us without first talking about you and your brand. That is because invigorating businesses like yours is what we are all about. 

  • As interactive marketing experts for pharmaceutical and health & wellness companies across the globe, we deliver evidence-based marketing solutions through a distinctive mix of insightful strategy, creative design, and innovative technology. 
  • We are a strategic partner invested in, passionate about, and committed to building your business and propelling your Client’s brands.
  • We have achieved mighty results for our clients by demonstrating the power and value of putting our working Solutions at the center of your marketing strategy.
  • And we can do the same for you, for your company and for your team.


Reprints & Private label 

We offer the possibility of providing tailored reprints and private label copies of our publications. We can customize our printed books, eBooks and journals with the brand of your company. Please, contact us for detailed info about this personalized option at 

Ad hoc monographies

We count with a large list of collaborators including doctors of all specialities and nationalities who work as scientific writers for us. We can prepare ad hoc monographies on any topic of your interest. Please, contact us for detailed info about this personalized option at 

Advertising in our websites

Competitive rates and discounts.

Our way of working, based only on online editorial allows us to reduce production costs and offer the most competitive rates In addition, we are pleased to offer significant discounts based on the volume of business transacted. Among our objectives is to offer flexible solutions through the different kinds of advertising we can offer. We would be delighted if you want to bring us new ideas and will work with our clients to find the best solutions.


Our fees for 2013 

Advertising on the website of our scientific journals, websites and social net

You can insert banners and advertising texts on the cover of each journal. There are 2 possibilities:

Main pageAbove other contents468 × 60 pixels 300 € /month

25% discount for orders >6 months
Main pageBelow other contents468 × 60 pixels 100 € /month


Mailing campaigns

We manage several Mailing groups and Newsletters (addressed to doctors of different specialities). Publishing your contents has a cost of € 100 / 1000 recipients (the message can be text or a banner ad 486 x 60 or advertising text of up to 2 lines).

Posts in

Posts published in have a cost of 5€/post or 30€/10 posts. These posts will be featured and included in our newsletter.

Scientific articles

iMedPub journals accept the publication of contributions of the pharmaceutical industry in the form of articles that must be subjected to the peer-review. Articles must follow the GPP2 GuidelinesArticles sponsored by pharmaceutical companies are subjected to special fees, that are 600€ for articles published open access and 300€ for articles published under subscription.


iMedPub Journals journals accept sponsors, whose data will appear in the selected journal "sponsors" section. Sponshorship fees are negotiated individually.

Please, note all actions are available both in English and Spanish. 

For more information, please contact us at