A simplified TIM-OS version for MCML style input can be download here with source code.

This version accepts MCML style "mci" input. It then converts the multi-layered model into a tetrahedral-mesh model. To compile it, you need Intel MKL and Intel C/C++ Compiler:

icpc -static -openmp -mkl=sequential -O3 -o timos_mcml mcmlio.c TIMOS_MCML.cpp

This version of timos_mcml is based on OpenMP. You need to set environment variable for OpenMP. For example, in a Linux machine with 16 cores on bash:


Note: The mcml.h and mcmlio.c were modified from MCML. 

More information and questions, please email: h h s h e n AT v t . e d


The full version of TIM-OS (with source code) is free for personal and research use can be downloaded here.

To compile the program, please first extract it using bzip2 and tar, then type the following command in the source folder:

icpc -static -mkl -O3 -o timos TIMOS.cpp

To run the examples, please run:


The above script is for machines with 32 cores. You may need to adjust the parameters to fit your machine.


We also observed problems under certain Intel Compiler. Some versions of Intel C/C++ compiler have problems for pthreads. If you face this problem, please reduce the optimization level from -O3 to -O1.