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Richard Trevithick

Richard Trevithick
Richard Trevithick was a very important figure in evolving transportation. He made a huge Contribution to
the industrial revolution. Richard Invented the very first locomotive, which was a newer and faster way to travel or transport goods over very long distances. It was powered by steam engines. The steam engines used tons of coal, so the demand for coal went up, and many more new mines opened up. He was a British inventor and mining engineer.
            Richard was born at Tregajorran in the heart of a rich mineral mining area in Cornwall. He was very athletic and usually focused more on sports than schoolwork. He went to elementary school at Camborne. Richard didn’t take advantage of the education provided.  His most favorite subject in school was arithmetic. He was very good at arithmetic and really only focused on that subject. As a kid growing up he loved steam engines and loved to watch the water pump from tin and copper mines.
            He was very excited to work in a mine which was uncommon. In 1797 he worked at the Ding dong mines and that is where he worked on building and modifying steam engines. He built his first full sized steam locomotive in 1801, and called it the “puffing devil”. He showed it on Christmas Eve by carrying several men up fore street and continuing on. After further test of the puffing devil it broke down after three days. He continued on improving it though. In 1808 Richard built a locomotive called “catch me who can”.
In 1812 he improved his engines more by building the “Cornish boiler” which about doubled the efficiency of his previous models. Some of his later creations were in 1829 he built a closed cycle steam engine followed by a vertical tubular boiler. In 1830 he built one of the earliest versions of a storage room heater. Richard stayed at the bull lodge for about a year and worked there. He died in 1832 getting pneumonia. Richard Trevithick’s works are beneficial to our generation. Without the invention of the locomotive we would not have trains today, or been able to improve them. His works later on influenced other inventors to create more new and improved models of the locomotive and steam engines. The locomotive gave people another faster way to travel over long distances than horses and started the age of new ways of transportation.
 - Cameron Rahlf
        Catch me who can                     First steam locomotive made by 
                                                                             Richard Trevitick