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Henry Ford

Henry Ford was by far one of the most imperative inventors of the Industrial Revolution. His primary invention, the automobile, changed life as we know it. It enabled people to go wherever they wanted whenever they wanted. The automobile modernize the transportation industry entirely. Today people don’t often think of how things used to be; one man changed the world as we know it, that one man is Henry Ford.

                Henry Ford was born on July 30th on his parent’s farm in Dearborn Michigan. Henry always had an interest in trifling with machines. He eventually gained a job in a Detroit machine shop, which gave him ample opportunities to research. He was later employed as a part time worker for the Westinghouse Engine Company; this gave him the early experience that played a key role in his life and what he was to become.

                At the age of nineteen, Henry became a certified machinist.  Later, he met his wife, and settled down on a piece of land on the family farm in Dearborn. His wife, Clara Bryant, encouraged Henry in all his inventive ordeals.  Henry eventually began work on his first engine; when his design was satisfactory, he moved his shop into a shed and began` work on his first Quadricycle. The Quadricycle was one of Henry’s first car like creations; it was an open top contraption ran by a small engine and steered by a horizontal lever.  When Henry perfected his Quadricycle, he tore off the side of his shed and triumphantly drove it out.

                 Henry attempted twice to create a automobile company but failed. The third time proved victorious, and the Ford Motor Company was born. In 1908, the first Model T was created. Ford simplified the production process of the T by making them all the same color. Henry Ford made it possible for every part of the automobile to be manufactured on sight; this method made it achievable for savings to be passed on to the customers. Ford was also the first person to pay his workers five dollars a day, and shorten work days to eight hours. In 1913, the model T was 450$; despite the price Ford was able to make a substantial profit.
            Henry Ford was an important person in American History. His Model T changed lives for people of all races. He was one of the few fare businessmen and always gave back to the community. Who knows where the world would be right now if Henry Ford was never born?   
By: Caleb Johnson
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