Dreams:  Awakening our Soul's Wisdom 

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. She who looks outside, dreams: she who looks inside, awakes."- Carl Jung


Dreams help us access

the deep wisdom of the Soul.

                                                                     William Blake

SOUL: our rational, emotional and willful nature; energy and depth of feeling as well as our moral and immortal nature; the animating, essential, vital element of a thing or person.

Dreams are our most intimate companions and yet they are mostly ignored because they are foreign to our rational, waking consciousness. Dreams are very personal and yet they are also universal, for dream motifs, like myths and fairy tales, are found in all times and in all cultures.

 While some scientists would have us believe that dreams are merely the result of our brains releasing excess energy, artists, musicians, philosophers, and scientists find answers to their creative problems in their dreams.

The Russian musician, Igor Stravinsky, dreamt of an ancient springtime ritual that later became his famous RITES OF SPRING.

Paul McCartney first heard the melody of YESTERDAY in his dreams, and it was days before he finally believed that it wasn't someone else's music that he had heard and forgotten.

Steven King finds solutions to his stories in dreams or uses dream images to write about.

Filmmakers work with dream images.

 Sigmund Freud thought that the dreams were unconscious wish fulfillments of repressed sexuality.    

       Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung felt that dreams came from many different layers of the unconscious.

Some dreams come from what is called the personal unconscious, and they are the 'small' dreams that speak of our daylight thoughts and feelings and anxieties.

Dreams also come from the collective unconscious where the universal symbols of the archetypes are found, the source of inspiration and prophecy that the 'big' dreams of humanity come from.

Some dreams are so real that we're sure we've really experienced it, and perhaps we have.

There are many planes of existence that we can reach in our dreaming state.



The Soul is the essence of Feminine Spirit.  It is Feminine Spirit which can lead us to new life, just as Dreams can lead us to a new understanding of ourselves and our life.

     I tell my clients that dreams are the soul's response to life. Dreams can answer questions we have about our lives by giving us a mirror image of how we are handling our lives.

     Many people complain that their dreams are incomprehensible - weird, strange, crazy are some of the ways to describe them. Dreams are anything but that.

     But dreams come to us in a language we have forgotten, and like any language that we cannot understand, it takes time to learn.

     Dreams speak in the universal language of images, a pre-verbal language that we all learn from the moment of our birth - and perhaps even before birth. It is the universal language of our humanity.

     By understanding our dreams, we access our own inner wisdom, our own knowing that can help us make better decisions about what we want and how to go about getting it.

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