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Now it's all coming back to me too...
I know why I don't have a man--I don't want to be bothered with
extra bullshit in which to contend.
Don't call my house on a school night around my kid's bedtime
with some bullshit talking about how I raise my and someone
else's children.
You don't help raise them. You are not there. You are bullshit
living a shit life.
That is fine too because I certainly don't have time to run
your life for you. I have my children's lives I run. They are
little kids so I have the right to run their lives.
You don't provide much comfort when you are around (oh by the
way--thanks for the drank the other night and good looking out
partnah)--matter of fact--you pretty much get on my nerves theway you criticize and put me down.
I would keep my mouth shut if I were you because you aren't
helping and I ain't your whipping boy. Nor are you mine.
If we can't chill or at least be respectful to each other let
me handle mine and you go to hell.
I wasn't bothering you.
You have to be here to excercise the right to tell me or those
children what to do. You have to be in the trenches right there
next to me and become someone I can depend on to be there.
If you are flaky--then be just that at least we will both know
where we stand. But don't pretend to care or try to be bossy
when you have absolutely nothing to do with me or my kids and
just want to know if you can get some ass. The answer is no and
anyway and its a school night. Dammit I'm busy! We have to get
up early tomorrow!
You don't have daddy or husband privleges at my house because
you don't want to be daddy or husband at my house.
That's why you can't be dick tonight. That's why you stopped
being dick long ago.
Hell, I don't want my kids to know or see you anyway. They
don't even like you because you are mean to me and them.


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