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IMP Live 080

Host : Stu Helm
Panel : Keaton Brant, Paul Shadwell, Claus Wolf and Oliver Haslam

Mac News

  • Quick News (Stu)
  • Stu: Latest dev build hints at updated MacBook Pros, possibly with Core i5 chips? - via Ars Technica
  • Paul: Reports of performance problems on new iMacs - via MacRumors
  • Keaton: Atlanta school students to get MacBooks as part of expanded Apple program - via AppleInsider

iPhone / iPod / iTunes / Apple TV News

  • Paul: Apple TV updated to 3.0 - New UI and iTunes LP and iTunes Extra support, & a new version of iTunes to match - via MacWorld and via AppleInsider
  • Stu: Bolton (UK) School pupils receiving free 8gb iPod Touches to help education - via MacWorld UK
  • Keaton: Apple being sued by St Clair Intellectual Property Consultants over camera technology - via iPhone Alley
  • Claus: Verizon 'We're interested in iPhone, ball is in Apple's court' - via Ars Technica
  • Oli: iPhone and Windows 7 don't play nice - via Engadget

Apple News

  • Keaton: Lee Chow, Apple's 'ad-man' stepping down - via TUAW

Apple Competitor News

  • Oli: Nintendo see huge profit losses due to iPhone & App Store - via iPhone Alley
  • Claus: Psystar's 'Rebel EFI' not all it's cracked up to be - via Ars Technica
  • Stu: Microsoft pulls out of 'Family Guy' deal, after watching 'Family Guy' - via Adage
  • Keaton: Microsoft selling 'Signature PCs' sans crapware - via TechFlash

Security News:

  • Stu: Firefox 3.5.4 fixes 16 flaws, 11 critical - update NOW! - via MacWorld


  • Stu (via Bart) : Secrets - credit to Adam Christianson from the MacCast
  • Claus: Camtasia:Mac
  • Oli: TVCatchup
  • Paul: The Apple Magic Mouse
  • Keaton: I'm picking After Effects for some reason.