Welcome to Year 5!
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Welcome to Year 5

We have lots going on for the children this year, their penultimate year with us.

Our timetable:

You’ll see from our timetable that we primarily focus on the core subjects in the mornings: reading, writing and maths. 


We have a great new reading scheme called Accelerated Reader where the children take a quick test on every book they have read to ensure their understanding before they move on.  I also generate a report every 4 weeks to check their success and move them up a band if appropriate. The children love to hear how they’ve been progressing.


The more children read, the more ideas they have when it comes to their writing, so please encourage them!  It is also a case of practise makes perfect, so alongside their writing in school, we would always encourage children to be writing at home.  Ideas for this could be: a diary, story writing or maybe writing about a fun day out with the family.  Allowing children to then read it to you and discuss any improvements with them is also invaluable.


Alongside the daily maths lesson at school, we often have quick maths sessions where we recap maths strategies or chant our times tables.  As with all of their learning, the more practise the better.


So far in Topic the children have learnt about the Ancient Greeks and are currently enjoying learning about the solar system in our ‘Space’ topic.  They recently had a virtual reality experience of space when a ‘Space Dome’ was set up in the school.  Next term our topic is ‘The World Is Our Oyster’.  As the name suggests they will be learning about different cultures but will also be discovering more about their local environment through Forest School activities. 


Maths - Every child will bring home a multiplication grid every week for the whole year.  The national curriculum states that all children should know all of their tables by the end of year 4.  We realise however, that this can be tricky to achieve and so we are allowing this year as a catch up.  We’ll get them all there!  Even if you believe your child knows them already, I’m sure you’ll agree that this practise will only make them quicker in their calculations/recall.

We will also regularly set MyMaths homework (for those children who can access it) which will be linked to the week’s learning.

Reading - We are encouraging the children to bring home their accelerated reading book every day.  We would also encourage you to continue sharing books with them as often as possible.

Homework books - We have also just ordered maths and grammar homework books for each child which will be introduced next week.  The reasoning behind this is that we currently have a large proportion of children who can’t access the MyMaths site at home and, as it is all in a book, the children can look back at prior areas of learning.