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                                                                Welcome to Year 2’s class page!

We are delighted to be working with your children this year and have lots of exciting learning opportunities and activities coming up. Mornings are focussed on reading, writing and maths, followed by SPAG, spellings or additional maths practice. PE is indoors on Wednesdays and outdoors on Thursdays.

If you ever have any questions about school or your child's learning please come in to have a chat, we are always very happy to help.

Our topics:

Autumn 1: Life of Animals.

During this topic, children will explore the basic needs of animals including humans. They will learn about life cycles and food chains, as well as researching how humans change as they grow and identifying what humans need to stay fit and healthy. This topic also makes links to healthy living; children investigate Cezanne’s fruit art and make links to geography by identifying where different fruits are located around the world. In literacy, children learn the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, write life cycle explanation texts and create instructions for making a healthy fruit smoothie. Children are also lucky enough to watch the life cycle of a caterpillar happen in the classroom; we watch our own class caterpillars eat, build a cocoon and then transform into butterflies which we then release in the school grounds!




Autumn 2: Flying High.

In this topic, children explore all things that fly. We start off by investigating the history of flight and focus on the story of the Wright brothers. This topic also makes links to geography as children look at aerial maps of our local area; during the lead up to Christmas we use the maps to write directions for Father Christmas and develop our music skills using ‘The Snowman.’ Children are given lots of art and DT opportunities within the Flying High topic; they experiment with ‘flying toys’, still life and moving cards.

Alongside this, children learn the story ‘Up and Down’ by popular children’s author Oliver Jeffers. They also write biographies, poetry and letters to Father Christmas.




Spring 1 – Sowing and Growing.

During this science-based topic, children learn about plants and what they need in order for them to grow. The children will be growing their own daffodil plants to observe over the half term. Year 2 will be learning the story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ before turning the story into a newspaper article and then writing a set of instructions for how to plant a bulb.

Spring 2 – National Celebrations.

The main part of this historical topic will be comparing Queen Elizabeth II with Queen Victoria. Whilst comparing the monarchs, children will be exploring the topic further by reading and re-writing the story ‘The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble’. This will be followed by writing a profile of the Queen and then writing a recount. The children will also be celebrating with a street party in school!

Summer 1 – Art on your Doorstep.

Summer 2 – By the Sea.


Year 2 RE topics.

Year 2 explore Christianity with a focus on the Christian way of life and the Bible. RE lessons are often linked to ‘Open the Book’ assemblies where children are given the opportunity to discuss stories from the bible and ask questions.

During the summer term, Year 2 explore Buddhism. We learn about who Buddhists are, special places for Buddhists and special festivals.

Year 2 Homework.

Spellings: Spellings are sent home on Friday for a test on the following Friday. Children are tested on the Year 2 common exception words. (Please see Miss Schouten for a copy of all of the common exception words.)

Maths: Maths homework sheets are sent home on a Friday and due in on the following Friday. They link to the learning that children have been doing during the week.

Reading: We encourage parents to read, listen and share stories or other genres as much as possible at home and love to hear about the books your child is enjoying so if they want to bring them in to share and talk about during show and tell that would be great.

Year 2 SATs.

Here are some useful websites to support your children at home during the lead-up to SATs