I am a doctoral student in Accountancy at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, as well as a graduate of UIUC, with degrees in Accountancy, Finance, and Mathematics (theoretical).

I am currently in my fourth year in the PhD program.  I have taught and/or TAed courses related to internal controls and financial accounting, along with courses in Finance and Business Administration.

My dissertation,examines the use of multiple disclosure channels by managers in their voluntary disclosures from both a theoretical and archival perspective.  Outside of this, I am working on 3 other research projects, all of which have working papers.  Working papers, once ready for public distribution, will be posted on SSRN.

This webpage mostly serves to link to other sources, as well as to distribute copies of past presentations.  Presentations are available, by year, in the sidebar.

I am currently involved in a number of research projects:
  • Understanding how the content of firms' websites and SEC filings can affect investors perception of the firm in the short run.
  • Understanding how managers make use of multiple available disclosure channels at a theoretical level.
  • Understanding why audit standards are necessary using an economic, market driven, approach (with Romana Autrey of UIUC)
  • Examining the relationship between  (with Brooke Elliott of UIUC and Nerissa Brown of GSU)
  • Examining trading in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (with Rashad Abdel-Khalik of UIUC and Xiang Li of Nanjing University)
In the past I have also done work on a start up, Tallecap, which aimed to provide venture capital professionals with a flexible, easy to use tool for generating capitalization tables and waterfalls (hypothetical payoffs).  While the company itself is on hold, the product has shown to be a useful tool in teaching valuation methodologies.

I previously ran a test run of a research center for students in finance (Undergraduate and Master's), called the Center for Student Research in Finance.  I have also worked at JPMorgan Chase, Treasury Services, helping to cost out multi-million dollar systems and improve revenue prediction on a wide array of products.

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