Carolyn Beck
Associate Professor
Arthur Davis Faculty Scholar
Research Associate Professor, Coordinated Science Lab & 
                                            Information Trust Institute

Research Interests: Control systems, modeling and model reduction for the purpose of control, mathematical systems theory; Combinatorial optimization, clustering and data aggregation; Applications in bioengineering, networks and graphs


Courses Taught
  • GE 524: Data-based Modeling and Identification
  • GE 520: Analysis of Nonlinear Systems (also ECE 528/ME 546)
  • GE 424: State-Space Design Methods in Control
  • GE 420: Digital Control of Dynamic Systems
  • GE 320: Feedback Control Systems
  • IE 598:  Data Clustering and Approximation Methods
  • IE 522:  Statistical Methods in Finance
  • IE 300:  Analysis of Data