2017-2018 Student Senate

Executive Committee

Co-Chairs: Georgia Metz and Mina Nau

Secretary: OPEN

Treasurer: Alanna Hunter-Crump

First-Year Representative: OPEN

Advisor to the Student Senate & Faculty/Staff Liaison: Rev. Vince Tango    

Degree Program Representatives

MAPSC: Robin Stretch-Crocker


MDIV: Jen Ward

MDIV Journey: Jordan Derhammer

MDIV Journey: Stephanie Hanslow

MTS: Mary Raynard

Standing Committees

Fellowship Committee Chair: Amanda Heeren

Iliff Voices In Action Committee Chair: OPEN

Spirituality & the Arts Committee Chair: Emily Nagle  

Independent Student Organization (ISO) Representatives:

  1. Latino/Hispanic Scholars: OPEN

  2. Iliff Queer Coalition: Mallory Everhart

  3. National Alliance of Pan African Seminarians (NAPAS): Mina Nau

  4. Seminarians for Reproductive Justice: OPEN

  5. Students for a Just Peace in the Middle East: Deb Metcalf

Denominational Groups

  1. United Methodist Society (UMS): OPEN

  2. Unitarian Universalist Association (UU):Christine Dance

  3. Lutheran Student Group: Deb Metcalf

  4. Presbyterian Fellowship: OPEN

  5. United Church of Christ Fellowship (UCC): Cheryl Swing