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    How the IWLA Endowment Operates

    Over the years the Endowment has played a key role in being able to step in quickly and purchase strategic parcels of private land.  The Endowment directors were geared to make quick decisions supported by financial action.  Later, as federal funds are made available, the outstanding areas are turned over to the U.S. Forest Service or National Park Service, in order to preserve them for all Americans for all time.  Aid to local chapters in the form of grants and loans is a frequent use of the income from Endowment funds. The principal is left intact for future growth.

    Through swift Endowment action, key parcels of land have been kept out of the hands of speculators and commercial exploiters.  In essence, the Endowment has accomplished what the public alone could never have done for itself.  And today, lovely regions remain relatively untouched... where man can still go and find solitude among the splendors of nature.

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