Frequently Asked Questions: 

    What is the IWLA Endowment?

    The Izaak Walton League of America is dedicated to the conservation, protection, maintenance and restoration of America's natural resources... particularly its soil, woods, water, air and wildlife. Over the years the Endowment has played a key role in being able to step in quickly and purchase strategic parcels of private land. The Endowment directors were geared to make quick decisions supported by financial action. Later, as federal funds are made available, the outstanding areas are turned over to the U.S. Forest Service or National Park Service, in order to preserve them for all Americans for all time. Aid to local chapters in the form of grants and loans is a frequent use of the income from Endowment funds. The principal is left intact for future growth.

    How can I apply for an Endowment Grant?

    Chapters interested in applying for an IWLA Endowment grant can access the Grant Request Application via the IWLA Endowment Grants page.
    1. Select download from the Google Docs page.
    2. Fill out the application completely with documentation from either your chapter, division, or the IWLA Executive Board and select File>Save>(Choose Save Location)
    3. Attach completed application and any supporting documents/photos and email to
    4. You must have the lasted version of Adobe Reader downloaded
    Note: All Grant applications mailed must be postmarked NO LATER THAN May 1St. All E-MAIL applications must be recieved by directors no later than May 1st. An appointment must be made to appear before the Endowment Board to present your request for funding at the National Convention.  Funding for approved grants must be requested by April 30 of the year following the National Convention, else you must re-apply the following year.  Grant applications for land acquisitions, building chapter houses or making additions to chapter houses will not be accepted.All applications over $5000.00 MUST SUMMIT FED ID #  . All applications must be sent to all Directors and Executive Secretary.To request your approved GRANT money,you will need to e-mail,phone or send letter to the Executive Secretary.If you have any questions, Contact Us

    How can I contribute to the IWLA Endowment?

    The IWLA Endowment frequently provides aid to local chapters in the form of grants and loans.  You can contribute to the IWLA Endowment's efforts through donations using a secure PayPal connection.  Access the Support IWLA Endowment page and click on the PayPal icon to donate today!