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Some special awards for the IJAS State Exposition 2014 are being underwritten by the generous support of the Illinois Pathways Initiative and it's Health Science Learning Exchange and sponsoring member The DeVry Foundation.

Illinois Pathways is a new and innovative State of Illinois-led STEM education initiative designed to support college and career readiness for all students. Illinois Pathways supports local programs that empower students to explore their academic and career interests while also supporting new statewide, public-private partnerships known as Learning Exchanges that better coordinate investments, resources and planning for tho​​se programs. To learn more about Illinois Pathways and the Health Science Learning Exchange please visit us on the web at www.ilpathways.com and HSLE.publish.uic.edu. To view our resources for students and teachers please visit the Illinois Shared Learning Environment at http://ioer.ilsharedlearning.org.