Ropar Mechanics of Materials Laboratory (RMML) is a research laboratory at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar headed by Dr. Dhiraj K. Mahajan, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical, Materials and Energy Engineering, IIT Ropar. In June 2015, RMML becomes the first laboratory to start functioning from the permanent campus of IIT Ropar.

At RMML, the research emphasis is on identifying connections among microstructure, deformation mechanisms and mechanical properties of materials using both experiments and multiscale simulation techniques. Research work at RMML is primarily divided into two areas as of now, the first one dealing with experimental and computational studies of metallic materials under aggressive environment with primary focus of hydrogen based degradation of metals and the second one dealing with experimental and computational studies of polymeric materials.
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Interesting results from RMML, IIT Ropar

Interesting video of hydrogen seepage from cracks that appears in thin electroplated nickel samples after hydrogen charging. Experiments were performed at RMML by Gaurav, Sachin and Tushar as part of their final year B.Tech project. The work done by Mr. Vaibhav Khurana who is responsible for Nano-indenter facility at IIT Ropar was instrumental in getting this video.

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