Dr. Avijit Goswami
Assiociate Professor
Office: Room 214
Phone: 01881-242121
Email: agoswami@iitrpr.ac.in

Synthetic organic and polymer chemistry
Dr. Debaprasad Mandal
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 302
Phone: 01881-242131
Email: dmandal@iitrpr.ac.in

Organic and Organometallics chemistry
Dr. T J Dhilip Kumar
Associate Professor
Head of the Department
Office: Room 239A
Phone: 01881-
Email: dhilip@iitrpr.ac.in

Electronic Structure Calculations, Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics

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Dr. Nagaraja C. Mallaiah
Associate Professor
Office: Room 310
Phone: 01881-242229
Email: cmnraja@iitrpr.ac.in
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Inorganic, Organometallic and Materials Chemistry

Dr. Narinder Singh
Associate Professor
Office: Room 209
Phone: 01881-242176
Email: nsingh@iitrpr.ac.in

Nano-particles and calix[4] arene and tripodal frameworks for chemo-sensor development
Dr. Prabal Banerjee
Associate Professor
Office: Room 301
Phone: 01881-242112

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

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Dr. Rajendra Srivastava
Associate Professor
Office: Room 239-A
Phone: 01881-242175
Email: rajendra@iitrpr.ac.in

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esign, synthesis, and sustainable catalytic investigation of functional nanoporous materials
Dr. Tharamani C N
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 308
Phone: +91-1881-242235
Email: tharamani@iitrpr.ac.in

Electrochemistry, fuel cells, nanostructured materials, electrocatalysis, metal finishing.

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Dr. Yashveer Singh
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 313; Phone: 01881-242246; Email: yash@iitrpr.ac.in

Polymeric biomaterials, Targeted drug delivery, and Bioconjugate chemistry, with emphasis on HIV-1 prevention, wound healing, breast cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Dr. Indranil Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 221
Phone: 01881-242167
Email: indranil.chatterjee@iitrpr.ac.in

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Photoredox Chemistry, Dual Catalysis, Organocatalysis, Asymmetric Synthesis,
Total Synthesis

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Dr. Manoj Kumar Pandey
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 239 C
Phone: 01881-242318
Email: mkpandey@iitrpr.ac.in

Solid-state NMR: Methods and applications
Dr. Sudipta Kumar Sinha
Assistant Professor
Office: Room 315
Phone: 01881-242238
Email: sudipta@iitrpr.ac.in

Theoretical and computational physical and biophysical chemistry
 Dr. Anupam Bandyopadhyay
Assistant Professor

Office: Room 335
Phone: 01881-242260
Email: anupamba@iitrpr.ac.in

Biomimetic chemistry, Peptide-based diagnostics and therapeutics for the 
treatment of cancer and tropical diseases.

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Faculty fellow
Dr. Vimal K Bhardwaj
INSPIRE Faculty Fellow
Office: Room 314
Phone: 01881-242271
Email: vimalb@iitrpr.ac.in

Bioinorganic chemistry and crystallography