About us

The department of chemistry was established in 2009 to conduct cutting edge interdisciplinary research and impart high quality education in emerging areas of Chemical Science. The department was started with only four faculty members and three PhD students, and has grown significantly in about six years. It has now nine faculty members and a DST INSPIRE faculty. In addition, the department has more than thirty PhD students and project fellows.

The department has active research programs in emerging areas like Biomaterials, Biosensors, Catalysis, Drug Delivery, Materials, Organometallic Chemistry, Renewable Energy, Supramolecular Syntheses, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, etc. The research activities at the department are supported by state-of-the-art research facilities. The department has received funding through several sponsored national and international research projects. The department has published more than one hundred and eighty research articles in peer-reviewed journals and more than thirty abstracts in national and international conferences, along with a patent application. The department is visited by experts from India and abroad on a fairly regular basis. The department has active collaboration with universities and institutes in India and abroad.

The department, at present, does not offer an undergraduate degree but supports the B. Tech. program at the institute. Since its inception, it has offered a Ph. D. degree in Chemistry and is starting a Dual M. Sc. - Ph. D. program in Chemistry in July 2015. The department attracts a large number of summer trainees and masters students from other institutes for short-term research projects.