The CBME have a very active student society, which mainly includes PhD students and faculty of the institute working in biomedical areas. The members with diverse research and teaching background come from almost all departments at the institute. The faculty mentor for the society is Dr. Kailash Chandra Jena, Assistant Professor, Physics, and student in-charge is Chander Sen.

The society meets every month and provides an exciting platform for informal interactions between students and faculty on various aspects of biomedical engineering research and teaching. The society is very informal, with no set rules. Sometimes, the society organizes student or faculty seminars, and other times journal club. Once in a while, we do nothing and simply chat over a cup of tea about something of common interest to us. Chander, a PhD student from SMMEE, has proposed to organize a tissue culture workshop, whereas Subham, another PhD student from SMMEE, has proposed to share information about instruments that we use in our laboratories. In future, the society plans to organize expert seminars and workshops at the institute.