A fully equipped teaching-cum-research laboratory has been created in room 340, with generous funding support from the institute. Some representative equipment/instruments are shown below.


Current facilities
Real Time PCR (Thermo Scientific, CBME Lab)
Refrigerated Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific, CBME Lab)
Electrophoresis Units (Hoefer, CBME Lab)
UV Trans Illuminator (UvP, CBME Lab)
Water Purification System (Bio-Age, CBME Lab)
Fluorometer (Invitrogen, CBME Lab)
Cell Counter (Logos Biosystems, CBME Lab)
Deep Freezer (Eppendorf, CBME Lab)
CO2 Incubator along with compatible shaker (Thermo Scientific, CBME Lab)
Biosafety cabinet (ESCO, CBME Lab)
Autoclave (Systic GmbH, Germany, CBME Lab)
pH Meter (Mettler-Toledo, CBME Lab)
Balance (Mettler-Toledo, CBME Lab) Freeze Dryer (IIshin Bio Base, Korea, CBME Lab)
Compound Microscope (AJay OptiK, CBME Lab)
Binocular Microscope (AJay OptiK, CBME Lab)
Inverted Microscope (AJay Optik, CBME Lab)Fluorescence Microscope (Leica, Tissue Culture Lab)
 Radio Frequency Generator (in process)Fatigue Testing Machine (jointly with ME, in process)