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Welcome to the Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME) at IIT Ropar. We are delighted that you have decided to visit us online, and we invite you to know more about us by visiting the links provided on the top

The center was created to nurture interdisciplinary research in biomedical areas among the faculty and students at the institute. Our mission is to carry out collaborative research in partnership with other medical, pharmacy, and science institutes, and industries in India and abroad. The overall objective is to bring synergy between fundamental and applied sciences, engineering, and medicine to meet the challenge of providing affordable healthcare to our nation. At present, the center is actively engaged in cutting-edge research in following research areas: Biomedical Imaging; Medical Devices; Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy; Biomaterials; and Tissue Engineering.

At present, the center is offering BTech (minor, restricted to BTech students of the institute), MTech, and PhD in Biomedical Engineering degrees. To know more about academic programs at CBME, please visit the link provided on the top. The center organizes the Biomedical Engineering Seminar series through out the year and supports a number of summer interns / research projects for students at the institute or from outside of it.

We would love to hear from you, whether you are a prospective student or a faculty aspirant; established scientist interested in collaborative research; or a member of industry interested in partnering with us. Please contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions or better yet, schedule your visit to the center.

If you are a member of this institute, we invite you to visit the center to see the work that we are doing. Discuss it with us if you are a faculty and interested in doing interdisciplinary research or developing new courses in this area. Meet us if you are a student and interested in doing course work or short-term research in biomedical engineering. Contact us if you are interested in using our laboratory facilities. Please remember that this is your center and, therefore, never hesitate in giving us suggestions for its improvement.

Once again, welcome to the CBME! 

News and Events

Admission to MTech and PhD in Biomedical Engineering programs

Admission are now open! Please visit: http://www.iitrpr.ac.in/admissions

Open faculty positions

CBME is accepting application for Professor and Assistant Professor positions in immunology (only Professor position), medical devices for hard and soft tissue replacements (implants/grafts) or biomaterial-tissue interactions. Please visit our "Jobs" page and following link for more information: http://www.iitrpr.ac.in/jobs/faculty-positions 

New faculty

Dr. Durba Pal, with extensive research experiences in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; and cell-based therapeutics in disease biology, joins the center as an Assistant Professor