The Human-Centered Robotics (HCR) Lab has a new address, please find us at

On-going Projects

Wearable Robotics

1. Development of a portable sensor system for movement characterization and performance measurement

2. Development of wearable exo-suits

Details will be added soon

Cable-Driven Robotics (CDR)

1. Performance analysis of cable-driven serial chain and parallel manipulators

2. Development of a cable-driven exoskeleton for gait rehabilitation

3. Musculoskeletal modeling, musculature and skeleton, of human limbs as CDR

Details will be added soon


Modeling and control of drones under physical constraints

Details will be added soon

Motor Adaptation

1. Understanding motor learning, the process of acquiring and restoring movement skills, during assistive and resistive training

2. Human motion analysis to study the sensorimotor mechanisms of movement control for human performance analysis

Details will be added soon