DryProTech Lab is one of the state-of-art research facilities and important research labs at IIT Gandhinagar. The research at DryProTech Lab is focused on industrial processes related to fine particles, powders, and its handling, surface engineering, wetting and antibacterials surfaces/bacterial adhesion, drug formulation, nano-materials for drug delivery/controlled release, solid-phase reactions for preparing functional materials. Last couple of years we are also working on water treatment. About 15 researchers (PhD, M.Tech, JRF and Project Associate) are working in the group. The following are the major areas of research.

A. Surface engineering of fine particles for dry powder processing 

Surface modification of fine particle (Geldart's Group C) using nano-particle, plasma processing & chemical methods; powder flow & packing; surface wetting and super-hydrophobic/hydrophilic particles/powders etc. Understanding fine and cohesive dry powder and its behavior in static and dynamic conditions; Influence of humidity on powder flow.

B. Pharmaceutical engineering 

Drug formulation for solid dosage and DPI application; Improving wetting and dissolution of drugs using solid dispersion and aerogel; Controlled release of anticancer and NSAID drugs using magnetic nano-particle based biopolymeric matrix (hydrogel).

C. Reaction among particulate solids and functional material development 

Solid decomposition and solid-solid reactions and their kinetics;  Influence of nanoparticles on solid-phase reaction;  Functional material preparation using nano-assisted solid-phase reactions (e.g. materials for Li-ion batteries, CO2 capture, Cement Phases, Decicant etc. ); Aerosol from solid-phase reactions and its applications in extinguishing the fire.  

D. Industrial wastewater treatment 

Industrial effluent treatment to reduce COD, heavy metals removal and color removal using advanced Fenton, Biocoagulationa and Adsorption techniques. Scale-up economically feasible solutions, Technology development for recycling and reuse of treated wastewater. Working with several industry partners in the area of textiles, dye, pigments, pharmaceutical, ceramics etc. through  Common Research & Technology Development Hub (CRTDH) on Chemical Process. Demo video of our latest technology for industrial effluent treatment (Collaborator: Prof. Arnab Dutta, Presently @ IIT Bombay). 

Our research is translated in terms of technologies/products 
  • Developed technology for non-electric, point-of-use water filter for bacteria removal  (>7 log reduction)
  • Developed technology for industrial wastewater treatment (~90% COD reduction)
  • Developed prototype for aerosol-based fire extinguisher
  • Developed magnetic nano-particle based bio-composite for controlled release of cancer drug
  • Developed functional materials having improved CO2 capture capacity
  • Developed nano-engineered materials for space and defense applications
The interested industry partners are most welcome to discuss these technologies. 

Our research is supported by different Government agencies (DSIR, MHRD, DST, BRNS, DRDO) and Industries such as Underwriters Laboratories, Shah Bhogolil and Jethilal Brothers, Wockhardt Ltd., GMS, D.P.Pulveriser Industries, Wheel India Niswarth Foundation etc. along with IIT Gandhinagar.

Important Research

Important Research 

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