Our research group works on the development and characterization of advanced energetic nanomaterials for next-generation propulsion and energy-conversion applications. We work on problems of practical importance, but the focus is placed on fundamental sciences. We do high-fidelity modelling and simulations that span a wide range of scales, from atomistic to meso- and macro scales. All theoretical studies are done in companion with experimental studies or in the context of experimental data to ensure that the developed model is valid and captures the essential physics of the problem.

Further details on our research can be obtained from our publications.

Grant Proposals

1. Title: Towards Predictive Modeling of Oxidation of Nanoaluminum Particles - A Multiscale Approach
    Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)
    Duration: 2016-2019

2. Title: Modeling and Simulation of Phase Transformations During Ignition and Combustion of Nanoaluminum Particles
    Funding Agency: IIT Gandhinagar
    Duration: 2016-2019

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