About the lab

CrInSec is a lab within the CSE discipline of IIT Gandhinagar that carries out research in theoretical and practical aspects of computer and network security, cryptography, data privacy, software and system security and all other branches of information protection. 

Birth of the CrInSec lab (Sept. 2015) has been attributed to the long standing enthusiasm and demands of the students and the research scholars of IIT Gandhinagar, who were willing to work in diverse areas of cryptography and information security, and wanted to have a platform to interact with the other researchers, exchange notes, showcase their scholarly results, and, last but not the least, strives to broaden the overall scope of computer security research.

The mission of this lab, in a word, is to undertake research projects and teaching assignments to improve the current state of information security. In this venture, among others, we ardently look forward to partnering with other computer security groups, engaging with them in research collaborations, paying short and long term visits to each others' labs and embarking on many such initiatives to forge a deep and sustainable cooperation among the security researchers across India and abroad. 

Research activities undertaken in this lab are fairly diversified. We focus as much on the theory of computer security as on the engineering and implementation sides of the art. However, the motto is always to give priority to the projects dealing with theoretical and technical challenges faced by the research communities at the present moment.