Study Abroad Osaka: IPRO

IPRO: Data Storytelling for Tsunami Preparedness

Study Abroad Osaka, Japan June 2-29, 2019

*An Elevate course. Course credit for various majors below.

Course Audience  All students having 100-200 level coursework in mathematics, statistics, programming, or technical communication, who want to use data to tell an important story through a real-world introductory analytics course.

Description  Extract structure and insight from complex data related to tsunami preparedness in Japan using accessible analytical tools, focusing on understanding over technical details, and creating a multi-media "data story" advocating for a responsive course of action.  [Read more/syllabus...]

SCI-498 Instructor:  Robert B. Ellis, PhD, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Study Abroad Faculty Lead:  Rebecca Steffenson, Industry Associate Professor of Social Science

Apply now!  Deadline is February 1, but space is running out.

Choose 1, 2, or 3 Illinois Tech courses for Osaka study abroad (3, 6, or 9 credits):
 SCI 498
 Data Storytelling for Tsunami Preparedness (Elevate) Social Science methods course, or free elective course
 IPRO 497
 Tsunami Disaster Prevention Core curriculum (IPRO)
 SSCI 285/385
 Global Cities: Osaka Core curriculum (200 or 300 S-course)

SCI 498 Data Storytelling for Tsunami Preparedness course credit:

Most majors: Free elective credit

Department of Humanities: Contact Associate Chair Greg Pulliam <>
Department of Psychology: Associate Chair Frank Lane <>
Department of Social Sciences: Associate Chair Rebecca Steffenson <>
Study Abroad Osaka, Japan, Summer 2019, Lewis College
Study Abroad Osaka, Japan, Summer 2019, College of Science
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