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This section provides quick references for some common tasks, and may be in-house or official Bb materials. Links to IIT videos are on the right. 
Manage my course 

Create an announcement
Manage groups 

Manage TA's and Course Builders for my course - Now you can easily add (AND remove) TAs or Course Builders from your course.

Receive notifications about new items   - You can be alerted to new content by managing your settings

NEW 8/14: See a student view of my course - A toggle icon at the top of the course screen switches to a true student preview.  

Work with content
Export & import course content - Export course content from Bb8 and import to Bb9.1 with this step by step guide. NOTE: As of 12.13.13, there is not a live Bb8 system accessible to faculty. Please direct questions or requests about archive content to the OTS Support Desk.

See a student's view of my course - Use the "Edit Mode" on/off toggle to closely approximate a student's view. 
Create content in a course area - Content is generally used to push information and materials to students.

Work with assessments (assignments and tests)  
Add assignments and tests - Use the assessments section when you want to receive something back from your students (like homework, projects, or quizzes). With the Dropbox feature no longer in Blackboard, student submissions are now all in context of what you are asking them to do.
Work with the Grade Center 
Grade Center Help - links to the Bb instructor help section related to the grade center.