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IIT is working to develop in-house resources and documentation to better support Blackboard use. We will continue to add to these materials as we identify specific needs and as we hear from our user community.

This section provides quick references for some common tasks, and may be in-house or official Bb materials. 

This page lists the most common issues faculty have during the first live semester of transition to Blackboard 9.1.

IIT Online YouTube Channel
IIT Online has its own YouTube channel. We curate e-learning topics, like best practices, Blackboard tutorials, or online exams, into playlists for faculty, staff, and students. 

Blackboard also provides documentation and support materials that can be useful, although once again, IIT's specific deployment of the software may differ slightly.

Blackboard is widely used by other institutions and many of them have produced resources for their own communities. Although there may be differences, (e.g. look-and-feel, the applications and licensing, policies and practices), the content they share can be of great value.