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We invite you to join the discussion about Blackboard and its use at IIT. 

The most successful Blackboard deployment is one in which the focus is on teaching and collaboration and how the technology can help meet those objectives. This depends on the entire community of users sharing experiences, tips, information, advice, techniques, and resources and also creating a dialog to address problems, limitations, and alternative tools.

Initially we are starting small with a Google Group dedicated to Blackboard @ IIT.  Over time, we will be adding other resources like a blog and a wiki. Please let us know if you have other ideas.

We truly believe that the success and value of these materials depends on user participation and we invite your contribution.
Here you'll find the Blackboard at IIT Google group. We are currently limiting membership to IIT faculty and staff, in order to facilitate a freer discussion. We may revise this policy or add other groups to include students in the future. Because group membership requires permission, please request a invitation by clicking the apply for membership button or emailing the group owner, Lauren Woods, at lwoods1@iit.edu.

Blackboard at IIT Google Group