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Bb9.1 Plan

UPGRADE PROJECT | Critical Phases and Dates

 I 09.04.12IIT Faculty access to new system (Bb9.1SP9)Faculty and Departments have new permanent course shells in Blackboard.

Initially this is to provide the earliest possible access to practice with the new application, familiarize themselves with changes and new features, raise questions, and identify possible issues. 

Longer term this is to provide a consistent location for content and curriculum development within the software environment but independent of any specific academic term.  

During this phase IIT Online will be conducting orientation and training sessions in preparation for the transition to the new system.
 II Mid-Nov '12Spring '13 courses are loaded for IIT facultyThe upcoming academic term is being loaded into the system earlier than usual to facilitate the transition to the new tool.

IIT Online, OTS, and the Office of the Registrar have worked to shift access the Spring '13 term radically forward. Recognizing that the first term using the new system will present a range of challenges, we are expecting earlier access for faculty to facilitate earlier work on course set-up, greater collaboration, better support and an overall smoother transition.  
 III Jan '13Student Access to Spring 13 Courses