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October 1, 2019 5 pm L-2  Prof. Shiraz Minwalla Bose Fermi Dulity in 3 Dimensions 
September 28, 2019 4pm AB-1 A Class 2  Prof. G. P. Das Role of Density Functional Theory in First-principles Simulation of Materials, Minerals and Devices 
September 20, 2019 4 pm AB-1 A Class 2  Dr. Apnupam Gupta Effects of viscoelasticity in fluids and living systems. 
September 13, 2019 4 pm AB-1 A Class 2  Prof. Nishikanta Khandai, NISER Bhubneswar Mass and Luminosity Functions 
August 23, 2019 4 pm AB-1 A Class 2  Prof. Shankar Ghosh, TIFR, Mumbai, Molding 3D curved structures by selective heating 
August 16, 2019 12:30 Conf. Room AB 1 Dr. Arnab Rudra from ICTP  APS index theorem, Path integral and mock-modularity 
May 21, 2019 4-5 Conf. Room AB 1 Dr. Achanta Venugopal  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,  
May 15, 2019 4 PM Conf. Room AB 1 Rahul Srivastava The Neutrino, Dark Matter, Higgs and Gravitational Wave Portals to New Physics 
April 5, 2019 4 pm L-4 Prof. Sumathi Rao Majorana modes and their identification 
March 29, 2019 5-6 pm AB-2, 404  Mr. Sayid Mondal (IIT Kanpur) Time Evolution of Entanglement Negativity from Black Hole Interiors 
March 29, 2019 4 pm AB-1 A Class 2  Prof. Arun K Nigam from TIFR, Mumbai Magneto-caloric Effect: Search for (Functional) Materials for Magnetic Refrigeration 
March 29, 2019 3 pm L-1 Prof. Graeme Luke Exotic Probes and Extreme Conditions Reveal New States of Quantum Matter 
March 20, 2019 11-12 pm AB-1 A Class 2  Gopinadhan Kalon (IIT Gandhinagar) Designing artificial capillaries: Can two-dimensional materials do wonder 
March 14, 2019 03:00 pm -04:00 pm AB-1 A Class 2   Prof Satyajit Banerjee from Kanpur IIT  From Magnetic polarons to Magnetic domains 
March 7, 2019 11:30 AM L-2 Prof. Ranjan Singh Phase change material for active multifunctional terahertz photonics 
March 6, 2019 11:30 L-2 Prof. Ranjan Singh, High-Tc superconductor THz photonics with metamaterials 
March 4, 2019 5-6:30 pm AB-1 A Class 2  Prof. Debashis Ghoshal Semiclassical Approaches to Quantum Mechanics 
February 18, 2019 03:00-04:00 PM L-1 Dr. Arun Sherawat, HRI, Allahabad, Allowed region and uncertainty relations for angular momentum observable  
January 18, 2019 12-1PM  AB-1 A Class 2  Dr. Kali Prasanna Nayak, Associate Professor Center for Photonic Innovations (W11-303) University of Electro-Communications  Developing a quantum interface on a tapered optical fiber 
January 2, 2019 3 p.m. Conf. Room AB 1  Karan Fernandes – Chennai Mathematical Institute  Gauge theories on black hole spacetimes  
August 23, 2018 5-6 pm  Conf. Room AB 1 Dr. Akash Jain Magnetohydrodynamics and one-form superfluidity 
August 23, 2018  5:00 PM - 6:00 PM AB-1 A Class 2  Dr. Akash Jain Magnetohydrodynamics and one-form superfluidity 
April 5, 2018 11 am AB-1 A Class 2  Prof. Bhupendra Nath Dev Growth and properties of submonolayer atoms to epitaxial nanostructures on surfaces 
January 2, 2018 3 pm Conf. Room AB 1 Dr.Karan Fernandes Gauge theories on black hole spacetimes 
October 12, 2017  L-1 Professor Surajit Sengupta (TIFR-Hyderabad)  Chromosome patterns in eukaryotic cells 
July 28, 2017 11:00 am L-1 Prof. G.P. Das 2D Nanostructures : An emerging Paradigm in materials science and device physics  
September 29, 2016  L-1 Professor N. Mukunda (INSA C. V. Raman Research Professor)  "Pancharatnam, Bargmann and Berry phases- a retrospective" 
September 30, 2015 4PM L-3 Professor Satyajit Banerjee (IIT-Kanpur)  Multiple current carrying states in a nanopatterned superconductor 
September 30, 2015 11AM L-3 Ms. Parul Pandey (Doctoral Student under Dr. D. S. Rana) Novel Hetero-Interface Phases and Low Energy Dynamics in Correlated Systems. 
May 5, 2015 4-5 PM EES Conf. Room Mr. Manabendra Sharma  
December 14, 2014 10:30 AM (in ITI L1) L-1 Mr. Amiyaranjan Barik (Final Year Graduate Student under Dr. K. V. Adarsh)  Investigation of Light Induced Changes in the Optical Properties of Binary GeSe and Ternary GeAsSe Family of Chalcogenide Glasses 
December 9, 2014 3PM AB-2, 404  Ms. Parul Pandey (Final Year Graduate Student under Dr. Dhanvir S. Rana) Interface magnetic functionality and low energy dynamics of single and multilayer epitaxial thin films of correlated perovskite oxides. 
December 2, 2014 2 PM EES Conf. Room Mr. Manabendra Sharma (Final Year Graduate Student under Dr. Sukanta Panda) Cosmic Topology 
November 24, 2014 3 PM AB-2, 404  Prof SS Prabhu Terahertz Science and Technology 
November 18, 2014 11AM EES Conf. Room Prof. Kailash C. Rustagi, IISER-Bhopal The Terahertz Proposal 
September 5, 2014 12 pm L-3 Kunal Sharma, 4th year Student, IISER Bhopal Quantum Information Processing via Oscillating Ions: coupling the normal modes 
April 30, 2014 4PM AB-2, 404  Debarati Sarkar, Graduate Student, IISER Bhopal Mesoscoipc Solvent Simulation of Three -Dimensional Flows 
April 25, 2014 4 pm EES Conf. Room Prof. Kantimay Das Gupta, IIT Mumbai Engineering a 2-dimensional semiconductor to be ambipolar and its potential uses 
April 23, 2014 3 pm EES Conf. Room Prof. Amit Ghosal, IISER Kolkata Fate of disorder-induced inhomogeneities in strongly correlated d-wave superconductors 
April 21, 2014 5 pm EES Conf. Room Dr. Aradhya Shukla, Banaras Hindu University Free Spinning Relativistic Particle: Some Symmetries 
March 28, 2014 3 pm EES Conf. Room Biswajit Paul, Senior Research Fellow, SN Bose National Center for Basic Sciences  
March 27, 2014 3 pm EES Conf. Room Dr. Prabwal Jyoti Phukon, IIT Kanpur  
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