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October 23, 2019 4 PM  AB 1 -1 Prof. B. R. K. Nanda The Mojo of Band Theory is Back with the Discovery of Non-Trivial Quantum States in Materials  
April 26, 2019 4-5 PM  AB1-316 Professor Sushanta Dattagutpa (INSA Senior Scientist, Bose Institute, Kolkata) Carbon (C) Hybridization to Tight-Binding to Dirac Solid—the Wonder World of Graphene 
January 25, 2019 4-5 pm  AB 1 -1 Dr. Sourin Das Dissipation and noise in quantum Hall edge circuitry. 
April 6, 2018 4 PM  L-3 Prof. Bhupendra Nath Dev,(Dept. of Physics and School of Nano Science and Technology) Superconductivity in cobalt 
November 24, 2017  L-1 Professor T. R. Govindrajan (IMSc) Quantum Blackhole as elementary particle 
November 23, 2017  L-3 Professor Sushata Dattagupta (Bose Institute)  The Aharonov-Bohm Effect 
November 17, 2017  L-3 Professor Sushata Dattagupta (Bose Institute) The Saha Ionization Equation 
October 13, 2017  L-1 Professor Surajit Sengupta (TIFR-Hyderabad) Do thermodynamically stable rigid solids exist? 
October 6, 2017  L-1 Professor Debashish Ghoshal (JNU-Physics)  
October 5, 2017  L-1 Professor Somendra M Bhattacharjee (IOP-Bhubaneswar)  DNA: Surprises and puzzles 
March 24, 2017  L-1 Professor S. Ramasesha (IISc-Bangalore) Quantum phase transitions in low dimensional systems 
November 11, 2016  L-1 Professor Avinash V Mahajan (IIT-Bombay, Mumbai) "NMR: A local probe of magnetism in materials" 
October 28, 2016  L-1 Professor Subhro Bhattacharjee-ICTS   Symmetries, topology and entanglement in condensed matter 
October 21, 2016  L-1 Professor Rishi Khatri (TIFR, Mumbai)  "The information hidden in the cosmic microwave background spectral distortions in Planck maps and beyond".  
October 7, 2016  L-1 Professor V. Tripathi (TIFR, Mumbai)  "Strongly disordered superconductors" 
September 30, 2016  L-1 Professor N. Mukunda (INSA C. V. Raman Research Professor)  "Development of quantum mechanics - a story of people, places and philosophies" 
September 9, 2016  L-1 Professor M. Krishanmurthy (TIFR-Mumbai and TIFR Center for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Hyderabad)   Staying neutral after extreme provocation: a story in intense laser science 
September 2, 2016  L-1  Professor M.S. Ramachandra Rao (IIT-Madras)  "Science of low dimensional systems and emergence of nanotechnology". 
August 19, 2016  L-1 Professor Indra Dasgupta (IACS, Kolkata) "First Principles Calculations: The glue that binds materials, models and mechanism." 
August 12, 2016 4-5PM L-3  Professor A. Thamizhavel (TIFR, Mumbai) Crystal Growth and Anisotropic Physical Properties of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 
August 5, 2016 4-5PM L-3 Professor Rahul Sinha (IMSc, Chennai)  Beautiful paths to probe physics beyond the standard model of particles 
May 27, 2016 3:30PM- 5:30PM L-1  Dr Adrain Hillier (ISIS Rutherform Appleton Laboratory, UK) Time reversal symmetry breaking in unconventional superconductors 
April 22, 2016 4-5PM L-1 Dr S. B. Roy (RRCAT, Imdore) Superconductivity in refractory metals and alloys: some interesting case studies 
April 7, 2016 4-5PM L-1 Professor Ujjwal Sen (HRI, Allahabad) Resonating valence bond states: A quantum information perspective 
March 18, 2016 4-5PM L-1 Professor Arul Lakshminarayan (IIT Madras)  Random Matrix Theory: A gentle introduction 
February 26, 2016 4-5PM L-1 Professor Raghavan Rangarajan (PRL, Ahmedabad)  Gravitinos, Reheating and the Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry of the Universe 
November 13, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Professor Subir K. Das, JNCASR-Bangalore Phase Transitions in Fluids: Nucleation and growth 
November 6, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Professor Arghya Taraphder, IIT-Kharagpur  An Excitonic Route to Charge-Density Waves: Strong Coupling Approach to Transition Metal Dichalcogenides 
October 30, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Professor S Dhurandhar, IUCAA-PUNE Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Einstein's Legacy 
October 16, 2015 4-5 L-3 Professor Tarun Souradeep, IUCAA Post Planck era of Cosmology 
September 18, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Professor Pratap Raychaudhuri, TIFR-Mumbai Disordered Superconductors: A TIFR Story 
September 4, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Professor S Yarlagadda, Saha Institute  Oxide Electronics – an answer to the miniaturization challenge? 
August 21, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Professor A. Venugopal, TIFR Broadband, dispersionless plasmonic and dielectric metamaterials 
August 21, 2015 11-12PM TBA Professor Subhash Chaturvedi  
August 20, 2015 2-3PM TBA Professor Subhash Chaturvedi  
August 14, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Prof. J. Banerji, Physical Research Laboratory Novel Resonators and Interferometers using self-imaging Waveguides 
April 17, 2015 4-5PM L-1 Professor P D Gupta, Director, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Synchotron Radiation and Intense Laser Beams 
April 10, 2015 4 PM L-3 Professor Manish Jain, IISc Bangalore Defects in materials 
March 27, 2015 4-5PM L-1 Professor Shankaranarayanan, IISER-TVR Primordial Magnetogenesis  
March 13, 2015 4-5PM L-2 Professor Subhendra Mohanty, PRL, Ahmedabad Particle physics models in the light of Cosmic Microwave Background  
February 21, 2015 4-5PM L-3 Professor Sanjay Puri, JNU, New Delhi Pattern Formation in the Kinetics of Phase Transitions 
February 19, 2015 5-6PM L-3 Professor Deepak Dhar, TIFR Mumbai Rocks, Rivers and Sand: Simple models of complex systems 
November 7, 2014 12 pm L-3 Prof. Tarun Sharma 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to Gallium Nitride (GaN) and its alloys 
October 31, 2014 12 PM L-3 Prof. Pradeep Sarin, IIT-Mumbai The discovery of the Higgs boson and its impact on our understanding of nature 
October 17, 2014 12 noon L-3 Prof. Sreerup Raychaudhuri, TIFR The Final Frontier - The story of particle physics 
October 10, 2014 12 noon L-3 Dr. Amitabh Virmani Black Holes in String Theory 
September 1, 2014 4 pm L-3 Prof. P.B. Sunil Kumar, IIT Chennai Modeling Soft Matter: Some insights on the way biological membranes keep their shape. 
August 8, 2014 4 pm L-3 Prof. Deshdeep Sahdev, IIT Kanpur Resolving Atoms in our Backyards 
April 12, 2014 12:30 pm L-4 Prof. Maithili Sharan, IIT Delhi Mathematical applications to the problems relevant to society 
April 4, 2014 4 pm L-3 Prof. Bala Iyer, Raman Research Institute LIGO-India: Locating Einstein's messengers and Inaugurating Gravitational Wave Astronomy 
March 28, 2014 4 pm L-3 Prof. G. Ambika, IISER Pune Environmental Effects in Dynamics of Complex Systems 
February 28, 2014 4 pm L-3 Prof. Krishnendu Sengupta, Indian Association for Cultivation of Sciences Introduction to Dirac Materials 
February 14, 2014 4 pm L-3 Prof. Rajesh Gopakumar, Harishchandra Research Institute Higher Spin theories and Holography 
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