Hello and welcome to our learning Portfolio Gallery...

Here you will find links to online portfolios form the middle and high school students at IIS.
Please take a look and feel free to leave comments...

Grade 9-12

Gabriel K. grade 10 my eportfolio

Robert W. Grade 9  my eportfolio

Paul K. Grade 11 My eportfolio

Cheshire P. grade 9  My learning portfolio

Grade 8
Rae-Oh C. Grade 8    This is my site!!!! :P
Andrew X K.: IIS Portfolio

Joseph J. in Grade 8 JosephJungslearningportfolio
Andy L. Grade -7 Portfolio

Terry K. Grade 7   http://sites.google.com/a/iis.or.kr/terryslearningprofolio/

Sean L. Grade 7 pending...

SEM I students

Wonho P. Grade 7 WonhoPakrslarningportfolio

Jacob C.i Grade 7  My Learning Portfolio
Joong Won P. Grade 7 Joong Won Pyo's Learning Portfolio

Chris K. Grade 7 Chris Kim' Larning Porfolio

Christen Yi. Grade -7learning portfoio

Grade 6

Richard  G. Grade 6 My learning portfolio

Young Joon G. Grade6 Young Joon's learning portfolio

Matthew J. Grade 6 Matthew's Learning Portfolio

SEM I students

Michael K. Grade 6 Michael's learning portfolio

Jecob Y.  Grade 6 Jecob's Learning Portfolio

Eugene K. Grade 6/my eportfolio

Grade 5

Martin J. Grade 5 Martin's Learning Portfolio