Short Course on Python Programming 

May 9-13, 2016 

IIITM-K, Technopark, Trivandrum

About The Institute

The Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management - Kerala (IIITM-K) was set up by the Government of Kerala under Department of Information Technology during the year 2000. IIITM-K's Mission is to be an institution of excellence in IT education, Research, Development, and Training in Applied Information Technology applied informatics and allied disciplines.


Sri Lalitha Prasad K, visiting faculty IIITM-K will be the main resource person for the course. He was the Head, Corporate Learning Center at Tata Consultancy Services, Trivandrum. He will be supported by the faculty members of IIITM-K and backed with the Institute's excellent IT infrastructure.

Short Course Objective

This short course aims to deliver hands-on experience for the participants on Python programming. The course covers the basics of Python programming like data-types, statements, syntax, functions etc. Once the foundation is laid, it covers more advanced topics of python programming like using database connectivity, web programming etc. After successful completion of the course, the participants will have a strong foundation of Python programming and it will enable them to use Python programs in their interested domains.

Target Audience

No pre-requisite course work is required to attend this short course. However, it is not meant for absolute beginners. The participants are expected to know how to use a command line, edit a text file and basic installation of software. Prior exposure to basic programming, knowledge of variables, conditions, loops etc, in any language would be desirable. 
The course is open to Government employees, academia, industries and anyone interested in Python programming.

Short Course Coverage

  1. Python interpreter
  2. Variables and built-in types
  3. Strings, Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries
  4. Statements and indenting
  5. if, elif, and else statements
  6. range() function and for loops
  7. break, continue, else clauses on loops and pass statement
  8. Functions
  9. Default argument values, Keyword arguments, Arbitrary arguments
  10. Lambda expressions
  11. Recursive functions
  12. Writing stand alone programs
  13. Keyboard I/O and File I/O
  14. Exceptions
  15. Lists as stack and queue
  16. List comprehensions
  17. Object oriented programming
  18. Modules, Packages, and import statement
  19. Iterators, generators, and decorators
  20. Unit testing with doctest and unittest modules
  21. Walk through of Python Standard Library
  22. Database connectivity and ORM
  23. Web application development with Python


One Week [May 9-13, 2016]
Session Time: 9.30 AM- 5.00 PM

Short Course Delivery Mode

Participants will be immersed in interactive sessions with hands-on labs after each topic. 

Short Course Fee

  • Rs. 6500/- + Applicable tax
  • Payment Mode: The DD/cheque may be drawn in favour of Director, IIITM-K and payable at Trivandrum 
  • TA/DA will NOT be paid by IIITM-K.

Number of Seats

The number of seats is limited to 25 and will be served on first come first serve basis.


Certificate of participation will be provided by IIITM-K to all the participants who actively participate in all the training sessions.

How to Apply?

Send your interest to on / before Thursday, May 5, 2016 with the following details: Name, Age, Type of Applicant, Designation, Department / Organization, Highest Qualification, Years of Experience, Postal Address, Email Id, Mobile Number and DD details. DD may be drawn in favor of Director IIITM-K and payable at Trivandrum and the same should be sent to Programme Coordinator - Cyber Security, IIITM-K, Technopark, Trivandrum, Kerala 695581 on or before May 5, 2016.

Contact Details 

Mr Jithin S
Research Associate
Mobile: 8086750182
Phone: 0471 
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