Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are the first choice for implementation of digital systems due to their distributed and parallel architecture. FPGAs also allows complete control over arithmetic world-lengths and dynamic partial reconfigurability thereby leading to optimal computational efficiency. Integration of FPGA with ARM processor has led to significant interests in Zynq SoC because of their usefulness in applications such as software defined radios, cellular base stations, data centers, video processing and computer vision etc. 

In this programme, you will learn how to implement algorithms in an FPGA using Verilog. Though this course assumes prior knowledge of digital design and Verilog, the first session will be dedicated to revise these concepts. Hands-on labs will focus on developing working programs that use various features and ports of FPGA boards including VGA, UART, memory etc. Two days will be dedicated to Zynq SoC which integrates ARM dual Cortex-A9 based processor system with Xilinx 7-series FPGA. Video game design and Machine learning labs on Zynq will motivate the participants to pursue research in FPGA domain as well as develop relevant academic courses.


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