I am Tarun Kumar Bansal, pursuing PhD in Cryptography at IIIT Delhi, Okhla Phase-3, New Delhi (India).
I am also a part of Joint Collaborative PhD program between QUT, Brisbane, Australia and IIIT-Delhi. After spending last 2 years in Brisbane, currently, I am residing in Delhi, India.

My main research interests are Design and analysis of cryptographic schemes, provable security, Public Key cryptography, Authenticated Encryption, Blockchain.

Presently, my focus is to provide CCA2 secure public key cryptography schemes with the aim of improving the efficiency of current schemes. By efficiency, we refer to reduction of the computational load in the PKC schemes. We intend to prove the security of proposed schemes in various standard security models and analyze the schemes in standard settings.
Along with CCA2 security proofs of proposed schemes by me, I am keen to add flavours of related parts of PKC like handling arbitrary length messages, cipher-text overhead, relaxed security notions, leakage resilient mode and Hybrid encryption to provide a more balance scheme comparative to KEM/DEM one.
One of my objectives is to give a general framework as a final result which will be useful for construction of CCA2 secure PKC schemes along with option of customization depending upon area of application. This aim also include to submerge the KEM/DEM paradigm and present hybrid encryption into one single module.

Advisers: Dr. Donghoon Chang and Dr. Somitra Kumar Sanadhya (IIIT-Delhi); Dr. Josef Pieprzyk and Dr. Xavier Boyen (QUT, Brisbane)

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