Following is the list of clubs currently registered with the Student Council. To become a member of any club, please contact their coordinators or visit their webpage for further details.
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Astronuts, the astronomy club of IIIT-Delhi was started in October 2012 to provide a learning platform to students passionate about the skies above. By conducting night observations, organising quizzing competitions and group learning sessions, we seek to unravel the mysteries of the night! 


Shubhankar R Butta

Aryan Saini

Ekansh Sareen

Hasan Kamal (Hasan15039)



AudioBytes, the music club has been started with the goal of encouraging sprouting music talents in the institute and give them a chance to thrive and showcase their skills.

Anant Sharma

Taejas Gupta


Software Development 

Byld is IIIT-D's software dev club. Byld exists to 
foster a community 
of individuals at IIIT-D who solve problems through the innovative use of technology. 

Sambhav Satija

Nalin Gupta

Lohitaksh Parmar



The Dramatics society of IIIT-D believes that there is an actor within everyone. All we need to do is to bring the actor outside. This is made possible not only by people who enact a script, but also the people who work equally hard behind the scenes. Dramatis Personae is a combination of people belonging to both categories. Inspite of being different each individual here has two things in common: craziness and the desire to have fun.

Sumeet Bharadwaj

 Palash Agarwal





FooBar aims to promote programming as a culture among students by conducting weekly sessions (CodeClasses and contests). It also aims to improve performance of IIIT-D students in external contests.

Ambar Pal

Shashwat Chaudhary

Kushagra Arora

Parth Mittal 

Rounaq Jhunjhunu Wala

Satyam Kumar


We are a bunch of people who love and are passionate about dance. We have people who have learnt dance as well as those who are new to the form. The club is a gathering for us to show our love and passion that we share for the form. 

Palaksh Pathak

Ayushman Pandita



The main aim of this club is to bring the students on common bench and let them face

the difficulties of circuit design and hardware debugging. Also,
to provide a forum for electronics students to meet, learn and reciprocate their
ideas, skills and experiences. 

Pulkit Goel

Radhika Ghoshal


Prodigious Painters

Prodigious Painters, the arts club of IIIT-Delhi aims at indulging the busy technical minds of our institute in some creativity and imagination. The club is open to one and all with art as the common interest. We conduct weekly art sessions on themes like still life, sketches, collage work, craft work, etc. Also, we plan on taking members to various art exhibitions in Delhi.

Ramya Y S



The club aims to develop a design sense in students in IIIT Delhi. We will be working on  Institute's design taking in mind the design identity of the institute.

Himanshu Pahadia


Tasveer - IIIT-Delhi Photography Society



The society aims to develop photographic knowledge and skills by sharing information and experience and help members appreciate photography as a form of art and science. 

Agam Singh Bajaj

Siddhant Verma



In Latin, ‘trivialis’ appertained to the crossroads where three roads met, which came to be known in towns as the ‘trivium’, or public place. This completely goes with our Club. We are completely open to all and believe that to every question, there are 3 possible answers-The Right Answer, The Wrong Answer and The Funny Answer. And these answers are guarded by our version of Trivia.

Parikshit Diwan

Rishabh Garg


Chess Club



 The 65th Square is IIIT-Delhi’s Chess Club. It is for people who are interested in and/or enjoy playing chess. The club aims at - Organising intra and inter college tournaments, forming a IIIT-Delhi chess team and having regular chess games, sessions to analyse them. For fun we even play Blitz, Anti-chess and Supply.

Jai Mahajan

Sharmishta Gupta

Harshit Sharma (Harshit15036) 


Voix De Literati

Public Speaking, Writing, Reading

We are a house of people enthusiastic about everything literary - be it books, spoken arts, debating or discussions in general on topics ranging from international affairs to everyday issues, from books, novellas and poets to the linguistic underpinnings of English and related languages.


Manik Arora

 Brihi Joshi

Siddharth Varshney



Philosophical Society of IIIT-Delhi
We're a group of students, professors and staffers at IIIT Delhi who want to explore our various trains of thought (from the ordinary to the absolutely whacked out) through the shared platform that PhiloSoc provides. Our primary objective is to develop a culture of deeper inquiry into subjects. We organize weekly meetings under the banner of The Lunchbox Philosophers - an open-for-all, Socratically styled group for meandering discussions of questions big and small. You are welcome to join us (as well as leave us!) whenever you please. See you around!  

Akash Deep Singh

Ishita Verma



Eco Club

Nature+Environment club 


Mridul Gupta

Vijay Sharma



IIITD's robotics club, Cyborg is based on the philosophy of Together Everyone Achieves More often abbreviated as TEAM.


 Mukul Chhabra



 Rubik's Cube Solving Society of IIITD

 Main aim of creating the club is to teach students how to solve a cube. Enhancing skills in sloving a cube (speed-cubing). So that students interested in problem solving and solving different type of puzzles can come together to help each other learn more stuff and get better. Helping others to get familiar with solving puzzles like the Rubik’s cube. 

Aakash Deep

Rishabh Garg

Computational Biology Society of IIITD 
The aim of the the club is to popularise biology and use of computational biology along with creating awareness how it could be useful.

 Arvind iyer 

Ayushi Gupta

Life 2.0 
The aim of the club is to make the students of IIIT experience the empowered way of life. Introducing the essential life skills that help students to expand their ability to live happy, fulfilling and useful life. Breaking the boundaries of what they thought they were capable of, increasing their personal power, energy and focus, as well as leadership, teamwork and communication skills.


Vaibhav Tripathi

Srikanth Baride


Wall Street 
The aim of the club is to scintillate interest of students in business and economics and raise awareness about the college in the business/banking sector.


Shivam Rustogi

Sharan Pai 

The Existing clubs should follow the guidelines mentioned here and are re-evaluated each year for the budget.

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