Somitra Kr Sanadhya

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Research Interests

  • Cryptology (Primary interest). 
  • Machine learning, Bioinformatics (Secondary interest).

Organization and Service

    • PC co-chair Indocrypt 2016 (with Orr Dunkelman)
    • PC Member of: ACNS 2017, ICMC 2016, VLSI Design 2017, 2016, Indocrypt 2015, IEEE WCI 2015, SPACE 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.
    • Subreviewer for: Eurocrypt 2015, FSE 2015, ACNS 2015, 2014; ACISP 2013.
    • Served as a reviewer for submissions to these journals:
      • Journal of Cryptology (JoC); Design, Codes and Cryptography (DCC); Cryptography and Communications (CCDS); IEEE Trans. on Comm.; IET Info. Sec.; IET Networks; Integration-the VLSI journal; IEICE Trans.; Jour. of Medical systems; Int. Jour. of Computer Maths.; Discrete Maths, algorithms and applications; Computer standards and interfaces;  China communications; Arabian Jour. of Sci. and Engg.; Iranian Jour. of Comp and Elec. Engg; Jour. of Info. Sci and Engg;

Past Affiliations

I have been a member of Cryptology Research Group at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata . I completed my PhD thesis on the cryptanalysis of SHA-2 hash functions with Prof. Palash Sarkar in this group.

I have worked at Connectiva Systems, an Indo-US firm selling telecom revenue assurance software.

I have also worked in the Govt. of Rajasthan in an administrative position and as a software developer in an MNC earlier.