Join Us

FooBar is IIIT-Delhi’s programming club which focusses on improving the programming culture at the institute and training students for prestigious contests like ACM ICPC.

We regularly hold contests (ProSort) and CodeClasses, along with occasional workshops like INOI workshop for school students.

Why to Join FooBar:
  • It’s cool and prestigious to be a member of the programming club of the institute, something one can brag about (maybe in resumé too).
  • Opportunity to participate in some of the most prestigious and coveted programming contests like ACM ICPC
  • Exclusive and Huge cash prizes for contest winners
  • Cool and free T-shirts (and stickers)
  • Getting your travel expenses to prestigious contests reimbursed
  • Opportunities to hone your problem solving and programming skills and to enhance your knowledge on algorithms and data structures. It can be statistically shown that those who do competitive programming get much better job offers. Most of the interview questions are similar to the ones you’ll see in online contests or FooBar’s ProSorts.
  • You may get some placement incentives (details will be shared later).
How to join FooBar:
  • Unlike previous years, there will be a special contest called ‘Recruitment contest’ once every month. To join FooBar, you need to solve some K number of problems in the contest, where K will be decided by the problem setters.