FooBar Elite

FooBar Elite is a sub-group of FooBar members. Though all our members are awesome, FooBar Elites are super-awesome. They’re the best among the best.

Why be FooBar Elite?
They’ll have special privileges and rewards. To name a few:
  • More opportunities to learn
  • Exclusive high quality FooBar T-shirts
  • Separate affiliation on FCP (DomJudge) to demark from others
  • Recognition on FooBar’s website and Facebook page
  • Possibly placement benefits and incentives
  • Free Oringillo and snacks :P
  • + more
How to be a FooBar Elite?
To be a FooBar Elite, (you need to be a FooBar member) AND ((be in top 3 positions of FooBar’s ProSort’s recruitment contests and solved at least K problems) OR (An existing Elite member recommends you and rest of the Elite members and FooBar admins approve)). 
So that implies there are 2 ways to become an Elite member.

What to do after becoming FooBar elite?
  • You’d need to attend monthly algo-discussion sessions. This session would be closed to FooBar Elite members. It’ll not be of the format of CodeClass, but in contrast, each member would be expected to discuss ideas or approaches to various problems and study advanced algorithms. Snacks during this session will be on us.
  • Participate in at least 2 online short contests in a month - either CodeForces rounds or Codechef Cook-off.
  • Have fun and be proud of yourself. :D
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