CSE320, CSE520: Advanced Algorithms

Debajyoti Bera
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   Fri  10-11:30

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Is IT engineering or science?
Is "computer science" science or art?
Is computing same as computer science?

Computer science tells us how to solve a problem. But often it goes one step deeper - gives a reasoning that the solution is correct and effective and goes one step higher - tells us how to teach someone (e.g. a device) to solve the same. In this course, we will once again learn about the art and science of effective reasoning.

The purpose of this course is to learn advanced techniques in the design and analysis of algorithms. It will focus on exploring both the breadth of theoretical tools necessary for computer science as well as the depth through analysis of the related data structures and algorithms. This course is jointly taught to undergraduate students (as CSE320) and post-graduate students (as CSE520); those who have enrolled in CSE520 will be required to do an extra project (which could be a survey paper or implementation).