Akshay Gupta       


    agupta402 [AT] gatech [DOT] edu
  • Working with Amazon Application Security Team.

  • Worked with the Advance Technology Group at Infoblox to develop a detection engine for DNS tunneling in enterprises, the program will allow our customers to distinguish malicious communications in their network over DNS traffic, our device ignores any benign tunneling traffic, the default behavior of distinguishing malicious from benign can be tweaked by the client to suit their application.

  • Worked with Dr. Thomas Peyrin and Dr.Ivica Nikolic at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, creating cryptographic distinguishers for round reduced SHA-3. 

  • Graduated from the M.S in Information Security program at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), while working as a teaching assistant for "Secure Computer Systems" class with Dr. Mustaque Ahamad and "Network Forensics" class with Dr. Manos Antonakakis. I also worked with Dr. Manos Antonakakis on research topics related to Botnet detection and malware analysis. My research interests include Network and Application Security. An interesting project that I recently worked on is "Big Data Analytics in Health Care".  I was also a member of AstroLavos Lab, which works in the field of network security specifically DNS security.

  • Graduated with bachelors in computer science from IIIT-Delhiduring this time I did some projects in image analysis and computer vision, but my primary research project was is in "Cryptanalysis of SHA-3 hash function" and my research advisers were Dr.Somitra Sanadhya and Dr.Donghoon Chang. 

        During the course of my education I have worked on several different projects in areas like Reverse Engineering, Machine Learning, Cryptography, Network Security, Computer Vision, Image Analysis and some other areas. You can find a complete list of my projects and their detailed description here.

           You can find my resume here, you can also find me on LinkedIn here.


  • Feb    8, 2016:        Joined Amazon Security Team in Seattle.
  • Dec  12,2015:        Graduated from the M.S in Information Security program at Georgia Tech.
  • May 18, 2015:       Working as a teaching assistant with Dr. Mustaque Ahamad for "Secure Computer Systems" class.
  • May 02, 2015:       Started Internship at Infoblox, working on building a DNS tunneling detection engine.
  • Jan   12, 2015:       Joined Georgia Tech Information Security Center for research in network security.
  • Aug  18, 2014:       Started school at Georgia Institute of Technology, pursuing masters in information security.
  • Jul    15, 2014:       Designed and Launched ASK 2014 Cryptography school website. 
  • Aug  31, 2013:       Climbed the "Great Wall of China" after a successful interactive session at ASK 2013 conference on Symmetric Key Cryptography held at Weihai, China.
  • May 01, 2013:       Started my research internship at Nanyang Technological University Singapore under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Peyrin and Dr. Ivica Nikolic.
  • Oct  20, 2012:       Successfully conducted a Windows Phone development workshop in collaboration with Microsoft India at IIIT-Delhi.